Get to Know Us

Joanna Carolan

Banana Patch Studio was founded in 1991 by Joanna Carolan. Initially a one-woman operation, the company is now truly a collaborative team effort, with over 30 employees contributing to the creation of our many Kauai made products. It takes a team of us working together to make all our hand painted ceramics and fine art, load and fire our kilns, frame and hang artwork, and carefully pack our products for shipping.

Banana Patch Studio’s mission is to foster aloha in all we do – in our environment and in creating our products. We strive to create a safe, supportive and sustainable work environment, and treat our customers and each other with kindness and respect.

Artists hand painting ceramic tiles

At Banana Patch Studio in Hanapepe watch our artists at work hand painting our ceramic tiles and pottery. All our tiles, trivets, wall plaques and pottery are hand painted using lead-free glazes, and are kiln fired in our kilns to 1890°F. Photovoltaic solar panels mounted on the roof of our Hanapepe studio help power our electric kilns, making our operation more sustainable.

Because we use Kauai’s tropical sunlight to generate the power to fire our kilns, when you take home one of our hand painted ceramic pieces, you could say that you are literally taking home a little bit of Kauai’s sunshine!

Banana Patch group photo

Enjoy our lovingly made products which celebrate Kauai’s unique beauty. Whether Kauai is your home, or your home-away-from-home, we hope our handmade products will be a reminder of Kauai’s aloha spirit and bring you much joy and happiness for many years.

Aloha and Mahalo from all the Banana Patch Team (left to right): Liselle, Michelle, Gemma, Teri, Al, Eamonn, Ohrlan, Erin, Schar, Deb, Mitzi, Crystal, Angela,Patricia, J, Michelle, Sheri, Pam, Ashley, Vicki, Naomi (not pictured: Joanna, Skot, Leslie, Sheldon, Anna, Linda, Terry, Melissa, Kelsy and Tiffany).