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"Makalei" watercolor and pastel by Kauai artist, Joanna Carolan. High quality print on acid free paper matted in antique white. Available in the sizes listed above. In Waimanalo an orphan boy was raised by his grandmother. Every night fish from the fishpond were distributed to the people of the district. And every night the orphan boy was left out and had no fish to bring home to his grandmother. The people of the district did not know that the orphan boy was a descendant of the goddess Haumea. Haumea heard of the slight and decided to avenge her small descendant. She entrusted into the grandmothes keeping her magic stick, known as Makalei, which was famous for its ability to attract fish. Using the stick Makalei, the boy conducted all the fish upstream into his grandmothes small pond. Just as Haumea had planned, the loss of fish brought the orphan boy to the chies attention. The boy was betrothed to the chiefs daughter and when he grew up became a great man in the land.